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Global Warming Quiz Global Warming Quiz

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not that great, but here's a tip

To be honest it really isn't anything worth saving on this portal, but I did want to take this opporunity to give you a tip. When you are making buttons, make that for the last frame, called Hit, you create a large box that covers the text of the button instead of just the text. The Hit frame refers to an invisible 'Hit Box' that indicates where you can click in order to activate the button, so whatever you put there will not be visible, but if you make it a larger box you will not have to maneuver the mouse to click the text of the button. Good luck and keep working!

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teronendum responds:

Thanks, if i get some spare time over the next few weeks ill work on it.

IndestructoTank! IndestructoTank!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good fun...EXCEPT...

Look, it was a great game with a lot of potential. Cool unique idea for gameplay gives it a thumb up. But There is one massive flaw with the entire game, and that is that there comes a point where it is completely based on luck. It doesn't matter how points you have put into frequency for any bomber, you can even have the frequencies completely maxed out. There will always be a chance that not a single plane or car will show up for a full 5 seconds, purely because of luck, and there's absoutely nothing you can do about it. It's just frusterating as hell knowing that I can lose and it could have nothing to do with how well I played that game.

Suggestion: make it so you do not lose fuel in mid-air, which makes sense both in realism and gameplay mechanics (it's ok if people make it through the first few levels easily). Also, a vareity of points and combos that a perosn can achieve would be nice, or rather, the higher up a plane is when you hit it, the more points/experience that hit is worth. Otherwise there's no strategy to hitting things, it's just "hit as many as possible". That will add mroe depth to the game.

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Higher and Higher! Higher and Higher!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

like others have said

I'm sorry, but you completely ripped off Icy Tower, except in that game you can do bonus jumps to get extra points and such. So creativity marks are far in the negatives. If you did not know about IT though (which is highly unlikely judging by the similarities in gameplay to this) then it's a job well done. Too similar to not be a ripoff though.

-Red- -Red-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Red = <3

Very well done! I have to say this is the most creative and unique take on a very old and drawn-out type of game I've ever seen. When the screen came up and you see your little canon materialize I'm thinking to myself oh great, another "defend your canon" game, and of course at the beginning of the tutorial (which was a fantastic idea btw, an interactive tutorial as an intro) that's all it was...until the balls started coming and the game suddenly got a little deeper. I don't think people realize how creative this game really is, and it's true it good have had a little more depth, but I'm going to guess it was SUPPOSED to be simplistic. I look forward to other colours.